2018 Desk Calendars Are Ready for the Holiday Season

Every morning begins with a quick visit to the chickens to greet them for the day and let them into their run. After that, I head to the flower fields and get to work. But none of that happens without me first slinging my camera over my shoulder. I never know what delights await me on the farm, and don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture something wonderful in a photo. I’ve learned that the perfect moments are fleeting, and they certainly don’t wait for me to run back to the house to grab the camera.

As the last of the fall leaves begin to let go and the farm goes to sleep, I like to return to my photos and remind myself of the beauty that surrounds me on this place. In celebration of those many magical moments, I decided to make a desk calendar to share with everyone else. They’ve taken quite a while to produce, but I am really over moon with the results.

The calendar is printed on 6 cards that measure 4.25″x5.5″. As you work your way through the first half of the year, you simply place the cards on the back of the stack. Once you reach the end of June, you simply turn the stack around and make your way through the rest of the year. The calendar comes with a front and back cover and a wooden display stand. The calendars are presented in a clear cellophane sleeve. They make great gifts for friends and coworkers. At present, I have an Etsy listing for them for anyone who is not local to the farm. You can the calendar on Etsy by clicking here. If you are local and would like a calendar or two (or 10), just send me an email (Becky@BloomsburyLaneFarm.com), and I’ll get them to you so that you don’t have shipping costs.



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