Firmly Rooted

We have inadvertently lived a nomadic life. Although my husband (whom I call Turfman…he loves lawns) had grown accustomed to moving regularly with the Army, he had left the military by the time I met him. I had no reason to believe that we would leave my hometown outside of Dayton, Ohio, but within a few months, our company moved us to Pensacola, Florida. We thought it might prove to be a place we could call home, and so it was for a few years. But when his boss told us we would have to relocate to a place we weren’t wild about, Turfman instead took a job outside of Atlanta, where I hoped we could put down some roots. That’s where I started becoming enamored with gardening. I learned that a few strategic plant selections could ensure that hummingbirds would visit my office window daily. I learned the value of manure. And I set about creating a garden retreat.

But then we were relocated again and again, always expecting the next move to be the last. When Turfman finally had a position that allowed us to live anywhere, I asked him to take me back to my adopted home of Atlanta.

We moved six times in 17 years, changing states every time. And each time we moved, my passion for gardening became more intense and I claimed greater swathes of our property to grow food and flowers. I’m convinced it was an expression of my desperate need to feel rooted to a place. With this last move, we were completely focused on acreage to allow ourselves a huge productive garden and extensive ornamental beds. We’ve been putting down our roots here in Brooks for a few years now.

And that’s how Bloomsbury Lane Farm began, with an initial dream of growing our own food and making a beautiful space that we could call our permanent home. Once the flowers and vegetables started growing with abundance, I had to share with others. And when I started doing that, I was hooked. I relished the opportunity to walk around the garden with clippers in hand, harvest flowers and foliage, assemble them into bouquets, and present them to neighbors, friends, and colleagues. I loved watching their faces light up. When someone would say that my flowers made their day a little brighter, it made mine a little brighter, too. That’s when my future finally became clear.

So here we are, embarking on a new adventure. Happily, it’s not a moving adventure this time, but I hope it will move us and others in ways we haven’t yet begun to imagine.

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