Is It Spring Yet?

What a very long winter it has seemed this year. Although today is the Spring Equinox, I’m wondering when spring will actually arrive. I’m still tucking plants in under frost covers at night and running up to the greenhouse to check the temps and consider turning on the heater to keep all of my seedlings warm.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. I haven’t told you about all that I’ve been doing in the last few months.

First, we finally completed the greenhouse. I really thought I would collapse from exhaustion before we made it, but after working in the biting winter cold day after day (and developing a wicked case of tendonitis in my left elbow), we finally put on the finishing touches. Within a few days of its completion, I discovered that the old saying, “Your greenhouse is already too small as soon as you finish it,” was absolutely true. It has been packed to the rafters with seedling trays, and now I’m desperate for the weather to warm just so that I can get some things planted and free up space to start more seeds.

Flowers that I have tended since early December are now adding a lot of color on the farm. I’ve cut countless bouquets of anemones since February, and they’ve left the farm to add a little extra joy to the homes and offices of both new and loyal customers (who I prefer to call “Friends of the Farm”). Now the ranunculus blooms are appearing up and down the rows, and I eagerly check their progress every day.

I planted the sweet pea seedlings a few days ago, and I can already imagine their heady scent hanging in the air. I’m just hoping that the next three nights of cold won’t impact them too much. They should be scrambling up the netting that I attached to the posts in no time.

Our average last frost date is 5 April, so I’m anxiously counting down the days. I have really had enough of the frost covers.

Plus, I can’t wait for the farm to be teeming with flowers. Then I can start putting together our lovely bouquets for everyone who wants to add a little something special to their lives.

Speaking of which, bouquet subscriptions are still available and can be found in our online shop. Reserving your bouquets ensures that you’ll get our seasonally-grown flowers on a regular schedule, and subscribers get special prices on bouquets, as well. Spaces are limited, though, so don’t wait too long. And don’t forget that Mother’s Day is not too far away. A subscription would be a great gift that continues to give joy for the whole summer.

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