Special Event – A Morning on the Farm

When Bloomsbury Lane Farm was just an idea in my head, I imagined hosting people in this beautiful space to relax, share ideas, and enjoy working with the flowers I grew. I heard laughter and saw people enjoying themselves in those early visions. As the fields have been blooming all summer, those visions have come into sharper focus. Now I can announce that I have three workshops planned for 2017; the first is a flower arranging workshop in September.

Placing flowers in a tall, slender vase is relatively easy, as the vase keeps the flowers upright. But once we start using wide-mouth and/or short vases, keeping the flowers where we want them gets a little more difficult. This workshop will introduce students to one of the best ways to maintain control of the blooms. But first, we’ll take a leisurely stroll around the flower fields and chat about growing a cut flower patch at home. Then we’ll convene around the pool deck to enjoy some seasonal brunch tapas and refreshments and learn how to create floral arrangements in low, wide containers. Students will take home arrangements in the vases filled with our freshly-cut flowers. Space is limited to 15 people. The event is scheduled for Saturday, 23 September from 10:00 am-noon. If you’re interested, you can reserve your spot by following the link below:


For October, just as we begin thinking about holiday gifts for friends and loved ones, I’ll host a great workshop on the Japanese art of flower pounding (a truly gorgeous and therapeutic experience) called ‘hapa zome.’ You’ll come away with plenty of gifts to share.

And in November, the focus will be on creating lovely wreaths with dried hydrangea leaves, which will help us to focus throughout the winter on the beautiful spring to come.

There’s so much to look forward to at Bloomsbury Lane Farm!

Note: The photo of me above was taken by Elizabeth Highsmith, and I’m very grateful to her for it!

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